Autobiography College Essay

Autobiography College Essay

With this information in hand, I knew I had to contact the organization lead about the excursion. She forbid our group from attending, requesting that I inform the other students, who were obviously disappointed that I had ‘gotten the trip cancelled’.Though I believe my course of action was the right one and I would not change the outcome, looking back, I wish I had voiced my concerns earlier; it might have made the end result easier for the other students to swallow. In spite of this, being honest when expressing my discomfort with a situation and choosing an alternative course of action that is aligned with my values has never led me to make a decision that I regret. Though standing up for what you believe in, and doing what is right, is not always easy, it is always worth it, and arguably the only way of living a life without regrets.”””,Want to learn how to get into an Ivy League school? Check out our video:How to Structure Your College Essay: 5 Tips for Writing a Killer College Admission Essay,”Your college personal statement is your only opportunity to showcase your personality to the admissions committee, and it truly could make or break your college application. As an academic consultant, I’ve helped a lot of students write strong personal statements and get accepted into their dream schools. Here is a list of the 5 most important components of crafting a creative and personal college admissions essay.Read each prompt at least 2-3 times and jot down each part of the question.

remember to think about each question and let it sink in, and make sure that your essay actually addresses all components of the question. Nothing will get your essay thrown out faster then completely missing the point of the question, so ensure that your essay is on topic! Once you have given the prompt some time to sink in, reflect on your life experiences and how they have shaped the person you are to make an autobiography about myself Think about:”,”Lack of structure is the most common error I see in application essays. Structure helps to guide your reader from topic to topic within your essay, keeping them oriented throughout. Using an academic essay format helps to make your message both stronger and easier for the reader to understand. To prevent a lack of structure, start your essay with an outline. For my outlines, I usually start with the thesis  ( What am I trying to demonstrate with the essay?) and then craft my mapping statement (the points I will use to illustrate my thesis) and plan my body paragraphs. a properly structured essay contains:”,An Introduction: The very first sentence of your essay is the MOST important. Creating a strong first impression will set the tone for the rest of your essay. You goal is to draw the reader in and pique their interest.

Your introductory paragraph should also contain a thesis and mapping statement.,”Body Paragraphs: Each body paragraph should begin with a transition, contain one topic and end with a summarizing concluding statement.Conclusion: Start with a transition, re-iterate the thesis and mapping statement and then finish on a strong note. The concluding sentence is the second most important sentence in your essay, as it is the last thing the reader will read. It will also be the thing they are most likely to remember, due to recency effect, so make it poignant.Choose topics that you are passionate about. Get excited about your subject matter! Write about how situations made you feel, what you learned from your experiences and how it will serve you later on. An essay written on a topic that you are passionate about will have a more genuine voice and will make for a more compelling and memorable read. The personal statement is your one chance to showcase your personality and character, so let your natural voice shine through! Or, more importantly, get someone else to do it! Ask that person if you addressed the question, if your essay makes sense, and when your message is clear. Ask them for his or her impression of the person writing the essay, how would they describe this person? Does that match with what you were trying to convey?

What did they think of the tone of your essay? It can be very helpful to ask someone who doesn’t know you very well, because they may have no preconceived notions of your character or experiences and will thus be more objective. Ask a good teacher,  a counselor, or another professional to go over your draft.Note that it’s also a good idea to go back and re-read the prompt one last time after you’ve completed the final draft of your personal statement. This way, you’re absolutely sure that the prompt has been responded to effectively, after going through all the writes and re-writes you’ll likely do in perfecting your admission essay.”,1. Do college essays even matter?,”Yes, your college admission essays are important. Although the committee can evaluate your academic abilities according to your grades and test scores, the essay is your chance to present a full, unique story of your experiences. While many students have great marks and scores, the essay is usually the weak link in many students’ applications.

You must work hard to create an essay that will make your application stand out.”,2. What can I write about in my essay for college?,”The essay prompts are typically very open-ended. You can choose to write about any topic you like as long as it directly relates to the prompt. Remember, you must answer the prompt, do not ignore it! As I already said, essay prompts are open to interpretation, so try to be original. Instead of writing about common topics like a sports victory or a difficult test, brainstorm unique ideas for your college essay. Instead of playing it safe, take your chance to be unique and unforgettable. Your essay is your chance to be personable, real, and honest. Discuss what shaped you and your world view, or what concerns you about humanity’s future, or discuss a painter or a filmmaker who changed your lifetime? Don’t let yourself be afraid to explore different topics.

Put yourself in the shoes of an admissions committee member, wouldn’t you want to read something exciting, new, and different?”,3. When should I start my essay?,Give yourself ample amount of time to prepare your essay. It might take you weeks or even months to shape it into a great paper. Give yourself at least 8 week to prepare your submission.,4. How should I start writing my essay?,” To prepare your paper, start by reading the prompt and ensuring you understand what it is asking. Reflect on your lifetime and experiences – brainstorm ideas and think how they can come together into a narrative. If you are having trouble writing your introduction, start by writing the body paragraphs. They will be the bulk of your essay.

Then, move on to the introduction and conclusion – these will be easier to write if you know what your essay includes. “,5. Should I get someone to read my essay before I submit?,”It might be a good idea for someone to review your essay. Do not let too many people read it, as too many reviews could make your essay into a melting pot of ideas and opinions. Ideally, your reader is someone you trust and who can provide you with honest feedback on the content and grammar of your essay.”,6. How do I make my essay stand out?,” Remember, this is your story. Rather than writing about topics often used in college essays, reflect on your own unique experiences and choose something that will intrigue and interest the admissions committee. You might not think that your lifetime and experiences are extremely interesting, but you are wrong. Try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and look at your life objectively – dig deep and give yourself time to brainstorm a variety of options.””To your success,”,Your friends at BeMo,”*Please note that our sample essays are the property of BeMo Academic Consulting, and should not be re-used for any purpose. Admissions committees regularly check for plagiarism from online sources.”,Schedule Your FREE Initial Consultation Today!,”BeMo®, BeMo Academic™, BeMo Consulting™, BeMo Academic Consulting ™, Platinum™, The Admissions Experts™, CASPer SIM®, MMI SIM®, SJT® & Get In Or Your Money Back® are trademarks of BeMo Academic Consulting Inc. BeMo does not endorse nor affiliate with any universities, colleges, or official test administrators.”,All rights reserved. © 2013-2020 BeMo Academic Consulting Inc. Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Contact Us, New York | Los Angeles | Boston | Chicago | Houston | London | Sydney | Toronto | Calgary | Montreal | Vancouver, “All i will remember from my childhood is that I was a quiet child. So quiet that my parents thought my siblings were wiser than I was and, therefore, would favor them at my expense.

However, what was their wisdom when they were always fighting with the neighbors, upholding the tit for tat principle. I was different and I knew that. I did not have many arguments with either my siblings or friends. I always thought twice before I did anything. I knew how to manage anger when I was very young and I knew the power of isolation when I was at this tender age.Nevertheless, when I was advanced in years, the surrounding people recognized my power of thinking and capacities. During my education, no child in school could beat my grades. I seemed the very best to everybody and they said that my book intellect was something inborn. What they did not understand is that my solitary self had a deeper world and made much more actions than the talkative me. I would visit the galaxies in my mind.

Furthermore, I would construct an automobile, bring peace to our world, and build relationships in my introverted self. What I mean is that I used to think more than my parents could have ever considered. To them, I was a stupid child who could not fight others when wronged like the rest of my siblings.It is at this young age that I developed the real meaning of life. Some of the virtues that I hold today were constructed when I was very young. Everything my inspirers came to do in my life was to strengthen what was built in me when I was youth. When I was alone, I could think about the ills and the misgivings of life. I would think about the situations from different angles, analyze them, and come up with a certain conclusion. Finally, as it seems today, most of my life choices were correct. The fact that I was not brought up in a religious family nor did I attend any religious gatherings when I was young surprised many. Nevertheless, the beautiful side of life came to be placed in my heart by whoever did so. Most of all, I cherished love though I did not get much of it from my parents given that they admired my siblings more than they loved me.

Perhaps the deprivation of love is what came to bring a strong love in my heart.I came to realize that love conquered all evil brought even the fiercest monster into submission. My uncle, whom everybody in the extended family perceived as the black sheep of their family, can serve a perfect example. No one wanted to know the reason he was a drunkard. Everybody, including my siblings, was avoiding him like a plague, except for me. My loving self always showed him that he was a meaningful being. A part of me did this because I pretty much identified myself with my uncle.

I was the black sheep of my family because, as seen earlier, most family members thought that my quiet self was because of foolishness. Therefore, there came to be a very strong bond between my uncle and me. The funniest thing is that none of us showed another verbal appreciation, but the deeds spoke volumes.I always listened to his version of his life, to which no one was ready to listen. I came to understand that his wife who took away his children hurt him to an extent that life meant nothing to him. Since then, he became an alcoholic and opted never to marry again because she was the person he loved most in his life. His family, with their imaginations and judgments, thought that he was the one stupid enough to have let his wife and children out of his life. They did not understand the extent of his pain, which made him choose a life of destruction. From my uncles’ experience, I came to understand that love cannot only build, but can also destroy. It was love that destroyed my uncle and I vowed never to allow myself to follow the destructive path.

However, it was just a saying. I do not understand the love that my uncle was talking about, but I feel that later, I will become a victim of such a deep feeling. Another example of love and the situation following I could not understand was the situation of relations in our neighborhood. I developed hatred because of the way my family members treated my neighbors. It was expected that when one of us fell for one of our neighbors, we were also supposed to loathe this neighbor and it was the trend in the whole neighborhood. One of my neighbors happened to fall for my eldest sister. This situation turned out very serious because they exchanged words and the two families had to sit down in order to come up with a solution. Unknowingly, long time hatred was born between the whole families, as they developed some strong hatred against each other up to this day. However, I did not understand why the two of them and I chose not to hate anyone of them because of mistakes I knew nothing about.My personal investigations of love helped me in understanding what was inside me. One of the greatest philosophers, Plato, explained different types of love in his dialogs. Therefore, I have always tried to classify what it was that I felt for others, whether it was Eros, Philia or agape love.

The latter, as I came to understand, is mostly present among higher deities and influenced by the Divine in our lives. By this time, I was not a believer so any religion or any being did not influence me. Eros is that passionate feeling, which mostly involves sexual desire (Moseley). I guess my uncle and auntie had this type of love since it is the love between lovers. I was not in love with any of the persons in my life and only loved them for who they were and that they were human beings like me. Therefore, I came to conclude that Plato classifies the love I had as Philia. This feeling involves the fondness and the appreciation of others, which I greatly practice up to this day. The only difference between the ways I felt for others is that I never held grudges against anyone, never engaged in quarrels, and never gossiped. I have always questioned myself when I was young and have always thought that there need been a hidden force that worked in that child I was many years ago. In fact, I still miss that child since life has changed me into a more intolerable person. However, up to this day, a philosophy that I started long ago when I was young still holds.

Severally, my neighbors have saved my life and have directed me towards the right path. For example, once when I had an accident, my neighbor eagerly helped me as my parents were far away from me.

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