I meet Henry here, the 53-year-old is here almost every evening with two friends

I meet Henry here, the 53-year-old is here almost every evening with two friends

The exit from the EU should then be completed by January 31st. An extension would still be possible until the end of June, but Johnson has already ruled that out.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson: He’s trying to goalkeeper in the election campaign. (Source: AP / dpa)

Corbyn, on the other hand, wants to negotiate a new Brexit deal with close ties to the EU within three months and submit it to the British in a referendum six months later, the alternative would be to remain in the international community. The Labor leader avoids making a clear commitment to the British in the EU, in his party he is considered an EU skeptic.

But this also ensures that the election is not perceived as a vote on Brexit. Corbyn tries rather to score with the issues of housing shortage and with a reform of the health system. So far without success. And so in London people don’t talk about politics in the streets. "The parties have not changed their policies since the last election"says Violet.

Football is on

A few hours later on Friday evening, the BBC broadcast the final big TV debate between Johnson and Corbyn. I leave Gabriel and the numerous tourist groups in Westminster behind me and drive to the London district of Lisson Grove. There are numerous pubs near Baker Street, and all of them are well-filled in the evening. People sit here in groups, drink beer and talk loudly.

In the pub "Allsop Arms" sports news is on television near Regents Park during the election debate. (Source: t-online)

Also in "Allsop Arms" a small group of people stands in front of the door. Since smoking is mostly banned in pubs in the UK, people stand outside. The later the evening and the more drunk the guests, the louder it gets on the streets. Until curfew.

Many pubs have televisions, and mostly football or other live sports such as snooker are played here. But also on the evening of the TV debate? The BBC’s election debate starts at 8.30 p.m. in the "Allsop Arms" the Sky sports news is running, followed by the Millwall-Nottingham football match, which will meet in the British second division.

"Hardship versus misery"

I sit down at one of the little round tables at the far end of the pub. Here I meet Henry, the 53-year-old is here almost every evening, with two friends. "I’m tired of the politicians. It’s only bearable when drunk"says the trained gardener. "For me, this choice is like betting on a soccer game. Never bet on a team when hardship plays against misery."

The TV duel: Labor top candidate Jeremy Corbyn and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson don’t give each other anything. (Source: AP / dpa)

The race between the Labor Party and Johnson’s Tories is tight, even if the Prime Minister’s Conservatives are clearly in the lead.community service term paper UK suffrage makes predictions very difficult. Even a clear lead in the polls does not necessarily mean a large majority in the lower house, warns the renowned election researcher John Curtice from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

So anyone who thinks the race has already run could be wrong. "If anyone comes up to you and says they know what is going to happen, raise an eyebrow, smile kindly, and turn away"said BBC presenter Andrew Marr recently.

Not a good sign for a country

in the "Allsop Arms" hardly anyone is interested in the election campaign. People are laughing, drinking and loud music is playing. The mood is exuberant. "I prefer to watch football in my free time, since the Brexit referendum I haven’t been interested in politics anymore", says 47-year-old Henry, who has been at the bar in the pub for several hours. "But I’m going to vote because it’s my civic duty." 

After talking to Henry, I leave the pub in search of a place to watch the TV debate. The duel is drawing to a close on TV while I’m walking through the streets. Football is on in most pubs and sometimes just sports news. A few hundred meters further, im "The Bell House", I will finally find it. 

In a pub the election debate goes on, with subtitles. (Source: t-online)

Here is the TV duel, but soundless and only with subtitles. But here, too, the guests paid no attention to the television. In contrast, people sing and dance to Christmas carols. "Jingle Bells", echoes from several large boxes in the otherwise small shop.

The debate ends unnoticed, after which the BBC’s program continues. Soundless, with subtitles. The outcome of the duel is extremely close: According to a lightning poll by the polling institute YouGov, viewers are divided on who won the debate. 52 percent see Johnson as the winner, for 48 percent Corbyn did better. 

I won’t find out about this until later in the hotel. Two men invite me to their table. John and Igor are already drunk. They get upset about the weather, about a friend and about John’s boss. They don’t say a word about politics. Not a good sign for a country a few days before an election.

Election campaign in Great Britain: Corbyn can not convince in the last TV duel The most important information: This is at stake in the election Brexit in the news blog: TV duel – the last chance for Corbyn? EU budget: Germany pays the most to Brussels

But a lot has happened in the UK in recent years, with leaders and political parties losing a lot of confidence. Many Britons are now indifferent to what happens in politics. "I’m also no longer afraid of Brexit"says 35-year-old John. "Then at least something goes ahead and we don’t have the same debates forever."

But he doesn’t want to talk about politics anymore. This is about fun, the evening is almost over. Igor and John get three more beers each from the bar. It’s curfew.

Sources used: own research on site with material from dpa and Reuters

Rostock (dpa) – Poverty, unemployment and poor education go hand in hand with a significantly reduced life expectancy in Germany.


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This is what researchers from the Rostock Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR) report after evaluating 27 million data sets. According to this, the risk of men in the worst-earning fifth of dying between the ages of 30 and 59 is 150 percent higher than that of men in the highest-earning fifth.

Unemployment doubles the risk of death in this age group, and poorer education increases it for men by around 30 percent, writes the team in the journal "BMJ Open". For women, the differences in income are less pronounced. Unemployment and education, on the other hand, would weigh as much as for men, emphasize the researchers.

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The most disadvantaged group of men in eastern Germany shows how extreme income and work status can sometimes influence life expectancy. There, 14 percent belonged to the lowest income and educational level. "This group has a risk of death that is more than eight times higher than that of the highest income and educational levels"says first author Pavel Grigoriev. For comparison: In the west, the most disadvantaged group among men is smaller at around 11 percent and slightly less disadvantaged with a five times higher risk of death.

Dennis Nowak from the Ludwig Maximilian University Hospital in Munich emphasizes that the relationship between poverty, unemployment and life expectancy has not yet been clarified. The problem cannot be explored with the existing data sets either. "It will be the known factors"says the head of the Institute for Occupational, Social and Environmental Medicine, which was not involved in the study. On average, the unemployed smoked more and ate less healthily. Unemployment was often followed by mental and physical illness. From this the conclusion can be drawn casually: "A not-so-great workplace is often better than none at all." At the same time, it is clear that education is the key to work and a good income.

The Rostock researchers had evaluated the pension insurance data of 27 million German employees who were between 30 and 59 years old in 2013. More than 42,000 people from the group died that year. "For the first time, we have a reliable database when we evaluate the individual factors and their influence on mortality in Germany"says Grigoriev.

In addition to HSV and St. Pauli, there are also many smaller sports clubs in Hamburg. In our live blog you will find all the important information about local sports in the city. 


6.15 p.m.: That’s it for today! 5.10 p.m.: Game canceled for third team of HSV 15.53 p.m .: Dieter Hecking makes a clear announcement in the racism debate 1.00 p.m .: Did FC St. Pauli cheat against HSV? 11.40 a.m .: James Lawrence lets FC St. Pauli party riot 10.30 a.m .: Second defeat against FC St. Pauli gnaws at HSV 7.11 a.m .: Moin, Hamburg!

6.15 p.m.: That’s it for today!

Thank you for your attention. Please drop by again tomorrow when we have the latest news from Hamburg’s local sport for you.

5.10 p.m.: Game canceled for third HSV team

The third team of HSV can look forward to a weekend free of games. The league game against Hamm United scheduled for tomorrow is canceled due to the unplayability of the place. 

GAME CANCELED: The league game against Hamm United scheduled for tomorrow is canceled because the pitch is unplayable …

Posted by Hamburger SV III on Thursday, February 27, 2020

3:53 p.m.: Dieter Hecking makes a clear announcement in the racism debate

In the current debate on racism in professional football, trainer Dieter Hecking from Hamburger SV has taken a clear stand. "So far we have not been directly confronted with such a situation. But it could well be that I would then get the team off the pitch"said the coach of the Hanseatic League on Thursday.

The 55-year-old said he did not know exactly what consequences this could have for the club, but his opinion was very clear: "I reject racism in any form."

1 p.m.: Did FC St. Pauli cheat against HSV?

Photos from the Hamburg derby at least suggest that. As the "Mopo" reports, St. Pauli goalkeeping coach Mathias Hain is said to have crossed a limit during the game against HSV. The coach is said to have stayed outside the permitted coaching zone and so gave instructions to his players. According to "Mopo" HSV coach Dieter Hecking complained to the referee. But that went unpunished.

11.40 a.m.: James Lawrence lets FC St. Pauli party go

After the derby win against HSV last Saturday, the Kiez kickers celebrated extensively. One was not there: James Lawrence. This is what the St. Pauli player told the "Mopo". Although he would have liked to have a toast with the team, Lawrence wanted to be fit for the next training session – and stayed away from the party.

10.30 a.m.: Second defeat against FC St. Pauli gnaws at HSV

The defeat in the Hamburg duel against FC St. Pauli gnaws even days later at Hamburger SV. "The thing sat and the wound is deep", now admitted HSV sports director Jonas Boldt. "I’ve been with it for a few months now and I trust myself to be able to assess how deep this sting is in all HSVs. That hit us, you can clearly see that."

The second defeat of the season against city rivals from Millerntor was also a damper for HSV in the race for promotion to the Bundesliga. He slipped to third place. On Saturday the Rothosen have to compete at Erzgebirge Aue. 

7.11 a.m.: Moin, Hamburg!

Welcome to our sports live blog from the most beautiful city in the world. Here we provide you again today with the latest news and the best stories from local sports.

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How can we grow old healthy and happy? Franziska Rubin addresses this question in her guide "My best health tips for getting older" after. The doctor and former "The main thing is healthy"-Moderator reveals ten factors for a long life. 

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"The 65 plus generation is doing much better in terms of health in Germany than one might think"writes Rubin. "The young old are not only healthier, but also more dynamic, self-confident and active than before." According to the author, getting there is not that difficult – if you change a few habits.

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