In terms of taste, flat-leaf parsley is ahead

In terms of taste, flat-leaf parsley is ahead

The preparation and baking time is only around 30 minutes. To do this, proceed as follows: Preheat the oven at approx. 200 degrees. Roll the shortcrust pastry onto a clean, floured work surface. Cut out various shapes from the shortcrust pastry. Place the pre-shaped cookies on a baking sheet that with plenty of baking paper and bake it for about 10 minutes. When the cookies are ready, let them cool for five minutes and then start decorating (for example with pre-made icing, chocolate sauce or sprinkles).

Here are a few suggestions for quick decoration ideas: To the photo show 

Ball biscuit dough, splash, dab

Which Christmas cookies – be they cookies or biscuits – you conjure up from the dough is entirely up to your imagination. Roll out and cut out, roll into balls and garnish with whole nuts, shape croissants, press into flat talers, which after baking are given different glazes of powdered sugar or chocolate or are glued together with jam as a double-decker – be creative! 

However, sometimes the shape and decor are the tedious part of Christmas baking. You should therefore choose types of cookies that do not have to be elaborately designed. In the blink of an eye, dough balls are formed, which you can later garnish with jam, nuts or chocolate icing or press into talers – for example the vanilla sand cookies.

Shortbread biscuits are also quickly pressed onto the tray, as is macaroons that you place spoon by spoon on wafers, for example fig macaroons or apricot and coconut mountains.

Stencils and vanilla roll trays save time

Cut out cookies in the form of stars, hearts or fir trees are a classic – but cutting out individual shapes is a game of patience. It’s lightning fast with stencils with which you can cut out up to 27 cookies at the same time – the dough is rolled out over the stencil and the cookies fall directly onto the greased sheet. There are also croissant trays in which the dough for vanilla croissants is not shaped into croissants by hand, but rather pressed into corresponding depressions. However, the dough must not be too firm for this.

Christmas cookies that you don’t even have to bake

What should you do if you have visitors for an Advent coffee at such short notice that there is no time left to let the dough rest and start the oven? Conjure up Christmas cookies that you don’t have to bake. For example peanut-fruit balls. All you have to do is finely chop mixed dried fruits, mix with cinnamon, crumbled cornflakes or biscuits, water and honey. A roll is formed from this mass, cut into even pieces and shaped into balls. The balls are turned in chopped peanuts or hazelnuts. Finished! You don’t need an oven for apricot confectionery either and the mixture is quick to prepare, but it has to cool or dry overnight.

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Parsley is not just parsley: Here you can find out the differences between flat leaf parsley and curly parsley and in which dishes the aromatic culinary herbs are used.

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Parsley: aromatic herb

Parsley is one of the most common culinary herbs. It is mainly available in two types: flat-leaf parsley and curly parsley. The varieties differ significantly from one another in terms of both appearance and taste. While the leaves of the former are flat and shiny, those of the curly parsley are strongly wavy and have a matt surface. In terms of taste, flat-leaf parsley is ahead. In contrast to curly parsley, its aroma is very intense. However, because flat-leaf parsley wilts faster, the aroma also lasts shorter.

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Dishes with flat and curly parsley

Whether smooth or curly: the herbs are mainly used fresh when cooking. Typical recipes with flat leaf parsley are tabbouleh salad with bulgur, tomato and mint, parsley potatoes or parsley quark. In Germany, curly parsley is used in the kitchen in Frankfurt green sauce and is traditionally used to garnish soups and meat platters. But the culinary herb is also known in other countries: It provides the right seasoning in both Italian gremolata and Canarian salsa verde.

Would you like to prepare a delicious, colorful selection of Christmas cookies, but you don’t have much time? Then it makes sense to make a basic dough and vary it. Shortcrust pastry is the fastest. Classics such as butter cookies or vanilla croissants can be conjured up from them. With our eight tips for shortcrust pastry and delicious cookie recipes, your plate will fill up with delicious Christmas cookies very quickly.

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Shortcrust pastry: simple ingredients

The shortcrust pastry, which can be used to make easy and quick Christmas cookies, consists of a few ingredients that you most likely already have at home:

one part sugar two parts butter three parts fine wheat flour a little salt

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Vanilla croissants (preparation time 30 minutes) Fig macaroons (preparation time 30 minutes) Bethmännchen (preparation time 30 minutes) Peanut and fruit balls (preparation time 30 minutes) Advent cubes (preparation time 30 minutes)

The ingredients shouldn’t be too warm – they should ideally be at a maximum of 20 degrees. Therefore, you should take the butter straight out of the refrigerator. 

From shortcrust pastry to Christmas cookies: the preparation

Once you have everything together, the next step is to prepare the shortcrust pastry:

Carefully knead the ingredients into a smooth shortcrust pastry, then wrap the cookie dough in plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for an hour. Once the dough has cooled, roll it onto a clean, floured work surface and you can cut out and When the cookies have been shaped, place them in a baking sheet lined with baking paper and bake for 10 minutes in a preheated oven (at around 200 degrees). Now you can decorate and design the Christmas cookies as you wish.

8 tips for shortcrust pastry 

The shortcrust pastry is quick to make, but there are a few things to look out for when making the shortcrust pastry. In the following we give you eight tips so that the cookie dough turns out quickly and easily:

Tip 1: Knead in the butter thoroughly. Knead the butter into the shortcrust pastry so that there are no more bits of butter. Otherwise the butter pieces will melt during baking and small holes will appear.

Tip 2: Cool shortcrust pastry For most types of biscuits, shortcrust pastry must be placed in a cold place after kneading. The high fat content makes it soft quickly. If it is too soft, it can no longer be processed well. 

Tip 3: Cool the shortcrust pastry faster If the dough is to be processed quickly, shape it into flat bricks before refrigerating it, so it cools particularly quickly.

Tip 4: process shortcrust pastry in small portions Divide the finished shortcrust pastry into small portions – put the rest in the cold again – and process it quickly. A soft dough is difficult to cut out. 

Tip 5: portioning the shortcrust pastry Prepare a generous amount of shortcrust pastry and put it in the refrigerator in two or three portions. It lasts for several days and can also be frozen well, even for several weeks. So you can grab the prepared shortcrust pastry at any time of the day to conjure up various Christmas cookies. 

Tip 6: Don’t use too much flour when rolling out To roll out the shortcrust pastry, you should only sprinkle a little flour on the work surface – otherwise the cookies will dry out. For cookie cutters, the molds are repeatedly dipped in flour so that the dough does not stick. 

7. Tip: Be careful when adding cocoa and honey Nuts or marzipan can simply be added to a shortcrust pastry recipe. That doesn’t work with cocoa. Its amount must be offset against that of the flour, otherwise the dough will dry out. Honey cannot simply be supplemented either, but has to be exchanged for some of the sugar. 

Tip 8: Storing shortcrust pastry cookies You should always store shortcrust pastry cookies in tin cans, so they stay fresh and crispy. 

Ideas for different shortcrust pastry variations 

You can achieve nuances in the Christmas cookies by making small changes to the basic ingredients of the shortcrust pastry. For example, Markus Paschel, lecturer at the Saxon bakery school in Dresden explains: "With more sugar, the pastry will be crispier. More fat makes it more juicy." Below you will find more ideas and tips on how to vary the shortcrust pastry for different Christmas cookies. 

Vary cookies with nuts

"You can add nuts and use the same batter to conjure up, for example, vanilla croissants, hussar donuts or nut thalers", suggests Angela Schickert, cookery lecturer from near Erlangen. With ground nuts, the consistency of the dough remains evenly tender. Chopped or sliced ​​nuts add bite to the game. Almonds can be used instead of hazelnuts. And the cookies are refined by adding marzipan.

Add the raisins only crushed

Raisins or dried fruits are not entirely unproblematic: they still contain residual moisture, swell up and then contract again. "If they are added, they should first be chopped very finely"advises Paschel.

Cinnamon, vanilla or anise add flavor

The easiest way to create different flavors is with spices. Cinnamon is indispensable in the Christmas season anyway. But vanilla shouldn’t be missing either. Finely ground vanilla pods are easy to use and have an intense taste. Vanilla sugar can also be used. Depending on your mood, cloves or aniseed, cardamom or coriander can also be used. A little grated peel from an organic lemon ensures pleasant freshness. "Instead of mixing all the spices together, you should concentrate on one and enjoy its taste", recommends Paschel.

Quick cookies: Nut wedges

"If you want it to go really quickly, tin cookies such as nut wedges are a good idea: They are baked as a whole cake platter and then only cut into triangles", explains Schickert. Cutters are visually more exciting. "If children’s hands are involved, simple shapes should be chosen", says Susanne Klug, ecotrophologist and head of the children’s kitchen in Munich. The filigree fingers of an imp or the ear of a reindeer are more than happy to break off when the dough is removed from the mold.

Couverture or frosting?

If you prefer to enjoy the pure cookie aroma, you can thinly coat the dough pieces with water before baking and place a nut or almond on top to decorate. This is also much less effort than, for example, a glaze. Decorations with chocolate or colored sprinkles and pearls turn simple crispy biscuits into a feast for the eyes. First there are light or dark, mild or tart chocolate couvertures. "They are also decorated with a few chopped nuts or dried fruits"says Klug. Icing made from powdered sugar and lemon or other juice is the ideal basis for colorful decorations. The selection of glowing sugar pearls or sprinkles as well as food colors is now huge.

Rascals made from shortcrust pastry cookies with jam

Christmas cookies with jam are another option for the shortcrust pastry. A good choice is the family’s favorite jam – but it shouldn’t contain chunks of fruit that are too large. Paschel recommends boiling the jam again so that it becomes thick. Boiling can take up to an hour.

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The filling is best applied to the bottom biscuit with a piping bag. On top of it a second biscuit – optionally with or without a hole in the middle – is pressed lightly. A sweet alternative to jam is a creamy hazelnut nougat mixture. "Small works of art are, for example, nougat turrets made up of three different sized squares"says Klug. The icing on the cake is fine powdered sugar.

In this country, basil is primarily known as a spice plant. However, the effect of basil is also valued in medicine. Here you can find out whether basil is really effective as a medicinal plant.

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Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects of basil

The positive effect of basil against bacteria has been confirmed. The medicinal plant has an antibacterial effect and can protect against pathogens. For example, the herb can prevent damage caused by free radicals, like "" reported. It is undisputed that basil contains the same enzymes found in anti-inflammatory drugs (such as ibuprofen).

The effect of basil is also valued for mental illnesses such as nervous insomnia or a gloomy mood. The medicinal plant can also have a beneficial effect on digestive problems such as flatulence, constipation or cramps. Essential oils such as cineole, linalool, camphor or estragole, which are contained in the herb, are responsible for the positive properties. Despite all the praise, there is also criticism of the effect of basil.

Is basil carcinogenic?

The effect of basil was called into question when the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment advised consumers to only use the medicinal plant in small quantities. The warning was raised because of animal experiments which found cancer cells in some animals as a result of consuming basil.

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