Rhineland-Palatinate (16.7) and Bremen (15.1) come in second and third

Rhineland-Palatinate (16.7) and Bremen (15.1) come in second and third

We have selected ten delicious restaurants that we can particularly recommend. 


1. Le Moissonnier: French cuisine2. Kaizen: Japanese cuisine 3. Bulgogi House: Korean Cuisine4. At Grandma Kleinmann’s: German cuisine5. Lord of the Grillz: Grill and Steak House 6. Bangkok Thai: Thai cuisine7. Kamasutra: Indian cuisine8. Shaka Zulu: African cuisine9. Caruso Pastabar: Italian cuisine 10. El Comedor: Chilean cuisine

1. Le Moissonnier: French cuisine

Haute cuisine classics and a unique selection of cheeses, desserts and wines await you in the French starred restaurant Le Moissonnier. You can look forward to classy Art Nouveau furnishings, creative recipe creations and typically French menu sequences. Whether cheese from Maitre Antony or top wines from Provence – your palate will be spoiled here. In order to enjoy this fine cuisine, however, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. 

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2. Kaizen: Japanese cuisine

The Kaizen restaurant is one of the best sushi restaurants in Cologne. In addition to a large selection of high-quality sushi, you can try other authentic Japanese dishes in the Kaizen. These include, for example, miso soup, seaweed salad, fried dumplings or matcha ice cream. All dishes are freshly prepared and contain no glutamate. Enjoy the best sushi in town in a relaxed atmosphere.

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3. Bulgogi house: Korean cuisine

Fans of Korean cuisine are in the right place in the Blugogi-Haus in Cologne, because here you can experience a typical Korean barbecue. The friendly staff will explain the process of the barbecue to you at the beginning. After a starter, the waitress will give you various grill plates that you can prepare on your own grill. You can also help yourself to various side dishes such as rice, salad or soups at the buffet. End your stay in the Bulgogi house with a Korean beer or a bottle of soju.

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4. At Grandma Kleinmann’s: German cuisine

The restaurant at Oma Kleinmann’s is a German eatery with hearty home cooking. It’s really good here. In a local pub-style atmosphere, you can enjoy the most delicious giant schnitzel in the city. But the rustic restaurant also has other delicacies from German cuisine as well as freshly tapped beer.

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5. Lord of the Grillz: Grill and steak house

An escape from everyday life into the past: you can experience this in the Lord of the Grillz, a medieval grill and steak house. Here you can choose from a variety of juicy grill or burger specialties. Both the equipment and the staff adapt to the medieval style. The "Dining table" offers dishes with names such as “Des Grafs Festmahl”, “Der Schwarze Ritter” or “König des Morgenlandes”. There is also a wide range of mead and unusual spirits.

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6. Bangkok Thai: Thai cuisine

The Bangkok Thai Restaurant scores with traditional Thai dishes such as Tom Kha Gai, delicious curries and noodle dishes. The cozy furnishings with a bamboo ceiling and Thai decorative elements also underline the authenticity of the restaurant. The Bangkok Thai Restaurant is also good value for money and has been recognized for its attentive staff. Look forward to a variety of freshly prepared Thai delicacies with typical spices, herbs and sauces and enjoy one of the many delicious cocktails afterwards. 

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7. Kamasutra: Indian cuisine

The Indian restaurant Kamasutra offers authentic Indian dishes in a cozy atmosphere in the heart of Cologne. The warm hospitality from head chef Rajiv Ranjan and his team rounds off the visit. In addition to classic dishes such as butter chicken or chicken tikka masala, regional specialties from all over India await you. All dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients and served with homemade sauces.

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8. Shaka Zulu: African cuisine

The Shaka Zulu invites you into the colorful and lively world of Africa. The ambience impresses with its colorful and artistic furnishings, which are largely made from recycled material. The traditional African dishes are served in tapas style and are freshly prepared. Vegetarians and vegans also get their money’s worth here. In addition, the Shaka Zulu Restaurant offers African cocktails with exotic fruits as well as musical entertainment through ethnic rhythms, African house and grooves.

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9.transitional words for an argumentative essay Caruso Pastabar: Italian cuisine 

The best pasta in Cologne awaits you in the Caruso Pastabar. The owner of the restaurant Marcello Caruso comes from Naples and will bring you the authentic taste of his home cuisine. Recipes from family tradition using excellent Italian ingredients make the dishes a unique taste experience. Enjoy the cozy, Mediterranean ambience in one of the best restaurants in Cologne.

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10. El Comedor: Chilean cuisine

El Comedor is not only one of the top restaurants in Cologne, but also the only Chilean restaurant in the city. The family business invites you to enjoy delicious Chilean dishes from the lava stone grill with a local, South American establishment.

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Plus, you can taste the excellent wines for which Chile is known as the fourth largest wine exporter in the world. Those who prefer beer can look forward to the delicious Chilean strong beer. There is also entertainment, as El Comedor regularly hosts live music events.

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Almost three quarters of a million children will start school in Germany at the end of the summer. According to a Forsa survey on behalf of Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) among 1,000 parents of school-age children, statistically speaking, there are two children in each class with AD (H) D, the so-called fidgety Philipp syndrome. The affected children stand out because they are hyperactive and have problems concentrating on one thing for longer. On the other hand, selective mutism, a psychological disorder in which the children consistently remain silent, is rather inconspicuous and therefore hardly known. Experts estimate that at least seven in 1000 children of kindergarten and elementary school age suffer from speech inhibition. But since mutism is often confused with shyness, the number of unreported cases is probably much higher.

Test: How well does your child speak at one year? Test: How well does your child speak at the age of two? Individual therapy plan required More on the subject of health & nutrition

Not just shy

"Shy children are also often inhibited in unfamiliar situations. In contrast to mutistic children, however, they consciously choose to be reserved, while children with selective mutism unconsciously switch to mute. At home, however, mutist children often talk a lot – as if they had some catching up to do. This is why parents are often amazed when they hear from teachers or educators that the child does not react even to direct speech", explains Heiko Schulz, a psychologist at TK.

The environment reacted blankly

It was the same with Ute G. from Hamburg. Her daughter Anna-Lena (name changed) speaks normally at home. "We noticed, however, that outside of her familiar surroundings, she rarely communicates and only with a few people. We also learned from the kindergarten teacher that she does not respond to questions, does not even make eye contact. However, it was a long way to diagnosis"explains the 45-year-old mother. The environment often reacted blankly. "Either our daughter was thought to be bitchy because she didn’t answer, or we were told that we could be happy because we had such a calm child", reports Ute G. Therefore, the family was almost relieved when the diagnosis "Selective mutism" was certain. "So we finally know where we stand and can ensure that our daughter is helped."

Meanwhile, five-year-old Anna-Lena is receiving speech therapy treatment. But the parents also support their daughter by encouraging and encouraging Anna-Lena in difficult situations. Ute G. explains: "Other preschoolers take it for granted that they will buy their own ice cream and respond when other people ask their name. Our daughter finds it very difficult. That is why we practice these situations every day. We parents often have to hold back on this. That means we don’t answer for the child and – even if it’s difficult – if she can’t say that she wants an ice cream, then sometimes there isn’t any."

The "Silence" to evict

It is also important to inform the children’s environment. "Especially in schools where there is a lot of frontal teaching, the teachers need to know about the disease", says TK psychologist Schulz. "Because the more understanding and trusting the environment deals with it, the easier it is for the affected children to cope with the situation. In the meantime, written assignments or recordings of reading exercises at home can help."

Little Anna-Lena is now making good progress and the G. family is optimistic that the "Silence" until school starts.

Children with ADHD who live in Hamburg are prescribed a particularly large amount of Ritalin. In a nationwide comparison, the Hanseatic city is the front runner when it comes to prescribing the controversial drug for school children with attention and hyperactivity disorder. This has been announced by the Association of Substitute Funds (vdek). What’s going on with the children in Hamburg? Or should it read: What’s going on with the paediatricians in Hamburg? Or with your parents?

ADHD – ADHD often leaves children and parents in despair

ADHD often leaves children and parents in despair

These are symptoms and treatment options. to the video

"The prescription rate of the active ingredient in Hamburg is almost 50 percent above the national average," reports the vdek and bases the analysis on the evaluation of its pharmaceutical billing data from the past year. The vdek represents the six replacement insurances Barmer GEK, Techniker Krankenkasse, DAK-Gesundheit, KaufmänISCHE Krankenkasse KKH, HEK-Hanseatische Krankenkasse and hkk.

Twice as much Ritalin is prescribed in Hamburg as in Berlin

If you take the prescribed average daily dose of the active ingredient per 1000 children who are insured with the replacement insurance as a comparison value, Hamburg ranks first with 18.6 daily doses of Ritalin. In Berlin, only about half as many doses are prescribed (9.8). Rhineland-Palatinate (16.7) and Bremen (15.1) come in second and third. 6.7 daily doses were prescribed in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which is the lowest in Germany. The national average is a daily dose of 12.1.

"Around 5000 legally insured Hamburg children and adolescents swallow the prescription narcotic methylphenidate every day", is it [called. According to the vdek, around 4.52 million children, adolescents and young adults were insured with the six substitute funds in 2012, of which almost 127,200 were in Hamburg.

ADHD Expert: These are Ritalin numbers "an alarm signal"

The numbers from Hamburg are a "Alarm signal", says Bernhard van Treeck, medical director of the medical service of the health insurance north, in an interview with the parents’ editorial office of t-online.de. Van Treeck is a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy with a PhD in hyperactivity in children. "You can’t just accept that there are these high numbers of prescriptions, you have to get to the bottom of the cause."

Independent review of Ritalin prescriptions required

But that is hardly possible in the current structure of the health system. Whether in Hamburg a particularly large number of ADHD children really need Ritalin, or whether the doctors prescribe the drug more carelessly – van Treeck cannot answer these questions clearly, because "We lack the instruments for this". An independent, comprehensive examination of the Ritalin regulations is necessary. For this purpose, all health insurance data would have to be made available to the independent medical inspection service in order to check randomly whether the medication was justified.

To do this, you don’t have to re-examine the affected children, but rather "In conversation with the doctors, check whether the ADHD diagnosis is confirmed, whether the guidelines have been followed and whether there is an overall therapy plan for the child", explains the expert. It clarifies: "Suppose there are two identical practices. One doctor always gives the drug for ADHD, the other never. Nobody can currently judge who is treating ‘correctly’."

What parents should consider during ADHD therapy

Van Treeck considers it unlikely that overwhelmed parents will increasingly push to treat their ADHD child with Ritalin. "The amount of prescription can usually be explained by the prescribers – i.e. the doctors – not by the parents."

The psychologist advises parents to have an overall therapy plan that also includes psychotherapy or behavioral therapy, to be cautious about Ritalin and to have a second opinion. He emphasizes: "Ritalin is a good drug – with the right indication and in the right dose. But it’s not harmless. Ritalin is also traded as a cocaine substitute on the drug market.

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