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It was accordingly temperamental, topic to frequent breakdowns, and devilishly tough to repair — however oh, so clever! People who tell this story additionally aver that `Kluge’ was the name of a design engineer. [IRC] To trigger https://cex.io/ someone to be faraway from a IRC channel, an option only obtainable to channel ops.

Computer Programmer

Link farms save space when one is sustaining several practically equivalent copies of the same source tree — for example, when the one difference is architecture-dependent object files. “Let’s freeze the supply and then rebuild the FROBOZZ-3 and FROBOZZ-4 link farms.” Link farms may be used to get around restrictions on the number of -I (embody-file directory) arguments on older C preprocessors. However, they’ll additionally get fully out of hand, changing into the filesystem equal of spaghetti code.

Other, comparable efforts like FreeBSD and NetBSD have been technically successful but never caught fire the way Linux has; as that is written in 1999, Linux is seriously challenging Microsoft’s OS dominance. Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux. Nobody in the hacker tradition has been as readily recognized https://www.binance.com/ by first name alone since Ken (Thompson). The pure decay of web links because the sites they’re related to vary or die. [Unix] A directory tree that contains many hyperlinks to files in a grasp directory tree of files.

However, there may be reason to imagine this slang use may be a decade older. Several respondents have related it to the brand name of a device referred to as a “Kluge paper feeder”, an adjunct to mechanical printing presses.

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[from the PDP-10 instruction set] To extract from the middle. “LDB me a slice of cake, please.” This usage has been kept alive by Common LISP’s perform of the same name. [Harvard] A program that solves a standard downside (such because the Eight Queens puzzle or implementing the life algorithm) in a deliberately nonstandard method teco zap cap reviews. Distinguished from a crock or kluge by the truth that the programmer did it on objective as a psychological exercise. Such constructions are quite well-liked in workout routines such because the Obfuscated C Contest, and infrequently in retrocomputing.

  • See ACK, also ENQ.
  • Occasionally used as a telephone greeting.
  • “We have not heard a lot of anything from Geoff, however he did respond with an ACK each times I pinged jargon-pals.” 5.
  • To get the eye of.
  • To ship a message to all members of a mailing record requesting an ACK (so as to confirm that everyone’s addresses are reachable).
  • To confirm the presence of.

Other fictitious sites talked about in the hoax were moskvax and kgbvax. This was in all probability the funniest of the various April Fool’s forgeries perpetrated on Usenet (which has negligible safety in opposition %keywords% to them), as a result of the notion that Usenet would possibly ever penetrate the Iron Curtain seemed so totally absurd on the time. To keep away from a bug or tough situation by inserting a kluge. Compare workaround.

Note that this is subtly totally different from (and extra basic than) associated phrases similar to a reminiscence leak or fandango on core as a result of it would not suggest an allocation error or overrun situation. What a washing machine or, by extension, any disk drive is in when it’s getting used so closely that it’s https://cryptolisting.org/coin/zap shaking like an old Maytag with an unbalanced load. If prolonged for any size of time, can result in disks turning into strolling drives. In 1999 it has been some years since exhausting disks were giant sufficient to do that, however the identical phenomenon has recently been reported with 24X CD-ROM drives.

The notional line of supply at which a program fails for obscure causes, implying either that somebody is out to get it (when you are the programmer), or that it richly deserves to be so gotten (when you’re not). “It works when I trace through it, but seems to crash on line 666 when %keywords% I run it.” “What happens is that each time a big batch comes via, mmdf dies on the Line of the Beast. Probably some twit hardcoded a buffer dimension.” Hacker use of this time period might recall mainstream slang originated early in the 20th century by President Theodore Roosevelt.

Hacker Speech Style

Too small to be price considering; more particularly, small past the limits of accuracy or measurement. This is a reference to `floating underflow’, a situation that may occur when a floating-point arithmetic processor tries to deal teco zap cap reviews with quantities smaller than its limit of magnitude. It can also be a pun on `undertow’ (a kind of fast, chilly current that generally runs simply offshore and could be harmful to swimmers).

Hacker Folklore

Lew Lasher was a student at Harvard round 1980 who turned infamous for such behavior. `Lamer’ is also a lot used in the IRC world in a similar sense to the above. In an even more ironic historical footnote, kremvax turned an digital heart of the anti-communist resistance in the course of the bungled hard-line coup of August 1991. During those three days the Soviet UUCP network centered on kremvax turned the one reliable news supply for a lot of locations within the USSR.

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