She is now five months pregnant with quadruplets.

She is now five months pregnant with quadruplets.

There is a natural sense in that: centuries ago, pregnant women would have been too weak for vital stresses such as long hikes to areas that are more nutritious. That is why the brain still signals to the body not to become pregnant during stress of any kind.

65 years old and pregnant with quadruplets: The news of the grandmother, who becomes a mother again in old age, caused a sensation and criticism nationwide. The television station RTL follows the pregnancy of the Berlin teacher with a camera team.

Now every day counts: the future quadruplet mother Annegret R. (65) is still well and happy even in the 25th week of pregnancy. "She is fine and we leave her completely alone" said RTL spokeswoman Heike Speda. "She is closely monitored by various doctors and the latest findings are extremely encouraging. All children are very well developed." The pregnant teacher already has 13 children between the ages of 44 and 10 and seven grandchildren. She had embryos generated from egg and sperm donations in the laboratory in Ukraine.

Birth is not filmed

"We will only report again when there is a specific reason. We always follow the recommendations of the doctors and the personal condition of the mother" said Speda. The broadcaster paid for the exclusive rights to report. At the birth, RTL will not be in the delivery room, stressed Speda.

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"We don’t have a plan A, B or C for further reporting yet – but of course we hope that everything goes well and that mother and children will continue to be well." At the moment the story is told until the birth, but one or two follow-ups about the start of life of the quadruplets will hopefully be possible. However, this depends on what happens next. "We are currently not planning a serial format in connection."

The expectant mother is heavily criticized

The story of the single mother and grandmother made waves in Germany. Many viewers and readers accused the 65-year-old of selfishness and irresponsibility. Doctors also criticized the decision as immensely risky and dangerous for mother and children. Annegret R. had resisted: "I don’t talk other people into their lives, and I expect mine to be accepted as well." She justified her pregnancy with the fact that her daughter Lelia (10) had longed for a younger sibling.

"Practical help in life" by RTL

Even in 2005 after the birth of Lelia – which, according to her mother, arose naturally – Annegret R. had already performed on RTL with her large family. For the exclusive reporting rights to the current quadruple pregnancy, she received an unknown amount from the broadcaster. "We also support the family on a voluntary basis. Two colleagues are available as permanent contacts and provide practical help with life" said Speda. That ranges from looking for a domestic help to broker phone calls.

For artificial insemination abroad

In Germany, the Embryo Protection Act prohibits egg donation. However, they are possible in other countries such as the Ukraine, the Czech Republic or Spain. Women from Germany also take advantage of this offer and often have several embryos implanted at the same time to increase the chance of pregnancy. Multiples are often born much too early due to a lack of space in the overused uterus or insufficient supply, and many have permanent disabilities as a result. Doctors therefore try to maintain the pregnancy at least beyond the critical 24th week.

Obstetrician: "The absolute disaster"

According to the German In-Vitro-Fertilization (IVF) register, there were 18 quadruplet births after artificial insemination in Germany between 2000 and 2012. The mother of only one of them was over 40 years old. Holger Stepan, head of obstetrics at Leizpig University Hospital, recently had Annegret R.’s late pregnancy from a medical point of view as "the absolute disaster" designated. "One can no longer reliably assess the risks of this pregnancy." At least for the moment, the Berliner seems to be punishing these gloomy forecasts with the lie.

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All of Germany is curious about this mother. What makes a woman tick if she can be artificially fertilized at the age of 65, is expecting quadruplets and already has 13 children? In a TV interview on RTL"extra" Annegret R. answered the questions that have moved many since her unusual pregnancy became known.

First impression: This woman doesn’t get upset that easily. Carefree, almost carefree, Annegret R. talks to Birgit Schrowange about her late pregnancy. She has her youngest daughter Lelia by her side. The two seem intimate and familiar, cuddle and cuddle like normal mothers and daughters do.

"I know about children"

However, normal is a word that does not fit Annegret R., because the teacher’s life is anything but ordinary, even without the quadruple pregnancy: 13 children aged nine to 44, seven grandchildren, single parents. She doesn’t have a husband. "My experience with men has always been that it was always the wrong one." The children come from five fathers. The first child was born in 1971 and the 13th child in 2005.

Pregnancy Calendar – This happens after fertilization

Pregnancy calendar
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She is now five months pregnant with quadruplets. That doesn’t seem to unsettle them. "I know about children" is one of the answers she gives in the course of the conversation. "It will" another.

Daughter Lelia wanted a sibling

Annegret R. justifies the fact that even though she already has 13 children, she got pregnant again because her daughter Lelia wanted a sibling. The birth of the nine-year-old was already a sensation. At that time, Annegret R. became pregnant naturally at the age of 55, making her one of the oldest mothers in Germany.

The oldest quadruplet mother in the world

If the children are born in the summer as planned, she will be the world’s oldest mother of four. She does not give the impression that she wants to aim for records or to be the center of attention. She will retire in the fall. Her move from Berlin to North Rhine-Westphalia is also planned for the time after the birth because some of her older children live there. Annegret R. does not say another word about the move, that it will be associated with work and stress, that the old house will be sold, the new one will have to be renovated, and that she will then have to look after five children, at most she will shock the neighbor: "She always has to do everything by herself."

Traveled to Ukraine for artificial insemination

The 65-year-old accepted a lot for her pregnancy. An egg and a sperm donation were necessary, and her body had to be prepared accordingly. With the help of artificial insemination, she eventually became pregnant. And that fourfold because she was given four fertilized egg cells, which is not permitted in Germany for fertility treatment. Unlike most other women, she decided against just carrying one baby to term and killing the other egg cells that had nested.

Annegret R. does not reveal anything about the costs and the number of attempts that were necessary for this. Only that she had to travel to Ukraine several times because treatment in Germany was not possible.

Because the risks for mother and children are so high due to the special circumstances, Annegret R. is closely examined. So far the pregnancy is going well. Multiples are almost always born prematurely, so the focus is primarily on keeping the babies in the womb for as long as possible. But the high level of motivation and the positive, psychological mood are also important, said the treating gynecologist about his unusual patient.

"How do you have to be at 65?"

But is the 65-year-old really as easygoing as she is? When asked what it will be like in five years, when Lelia is through puberty and five toddlers have to be cared for at the same time, she replies: "I’m not really afraid. I just assume that I will stay healthy and fit." And what will it be like in 15 years, when Annegret L. will be 80? Does she worry about who will take care of the children when she can no longer? "I will, I think."

Probably the way she reacts to questions says more about Anngret R. than her answers. She wants to master the problems that are pending, as she has apparently always done in her life. Her age does not make her a limitation: "How do you have to be at 65? Obviously you always have to comply with some cliché. Which I find quite exhausting. I think you have to decide for yourself."

What happens to the children when the mother can no longer look after them?

But does Annegret L. really only decide for herself? She will need help and depend on her older children. Her youngest daughter’s life will also change dramatically.

Yes, younger parents also intervene in their children’s lives; they too can get sick and die. Older men still become fathers late, and there are many families in which parents treat their children less lovingly than Annegret R. Still, a stale aftertaste remains.

To be able to determine one’s own body is a great asset, modern medicine is a blessing. The fact that a treatment is medically feasible does not mean that it has to be done. Nobody likes to think about illness and death. Suppressing them when they are 65 and pregnant with quadruplets borders on endangering the child’s welfare

Every woman who wants to have children knows how overwhelming the desire to conceive can become. But parenting also means responsibility, love, care and care. What happens to the children when the mother can no longer look after them?

Annegret R. calmly counteracts the huge wave of prejudices that swept up against her. Will it stay that way? One wishes for her and her children. She did not answer the essential questions.

The readers of have lively commented on the topic. Here you can read some representative opinions on the case of the 65-year-olds who are expecting quadruplets.

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Amelia, Frederic, Olivia and Xhesika are the names of the quadruplets who were born in Jena last week. According to doctors, the babies of a family who fled Albania are doing well.

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Pregnancy calendar
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There are no complications, said senior physician Kristin Dawczynski in Jena.

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