The first pole of the year, for Bottas; Sainz, octav

The first pole of the year, for Bottas; Sainz, octav

Tomorrow more and better. We will continue to be attentive to see who will be the Barça rival for the ASOBAL Cup title.


FINAL: Barça will play the game for the title. Bidasoa or Valladolid will be their rivals tomorrow at 1xbet promo code for registration 5:00 p.m. Those of Xavi Pascual overwhelmed Ademar de León in the semifinals by 39-30. Luka Cindric and Fàbregas led the culé triumph. 

⚔️ BARÇA 39-30 @ADEMARLEON ⌚️ Final !! / The game is over!&# 127942; Semifinal # 30CopaAsobal&# 128205; Huerta del Rey &# 128309;&# 128308; # ForçaBarça #HandbolLive

– Barça Handbol (@FCBhandbol) December 14, 2019


39-30 Entrerríos catches Slavic on the wrong foot. Maximum difference for the Catalans. 


38-30 Fàbregas against three defenders. It is a brown beast. There is no one to stop him. 


Final straight of the game. Barcelona takes it easy. This is doomed. 


37-30 Ludo Fàbregas is a steamroller. 


36-30 Work of Gonzalo Carou when revolving from 6 meters.

⚔️ Barça 36-30 Ademar León⌚️ Min 55&# 127942; Semifinal # 30CopaAsobal&# 128205; Huerta del Rey &# 128309;&# 128308; # ForçaBarça #HandbolLive

– Barça Handbol (@FCBhandbol) December 14, 2019


35-29 Failure in the delivery of Dolenec and Carrillo culminates the counterattack. 0-2 partial. 


35-27 Cindric raises the rent to eight goals. New maximum rent. There are less than eight minutes until the conclusion of the match. 


34-27 Cindric connects with Fàbregas and the Frenchman who executes a movement in the manual pivot. 


33-26 Dika Mem responds to David Fernández’s goal. 

⚔️ Barça 33-26 Ademar León⌚️ Min 50&# 127942; Semifinal # 30CopaAsobal&# 128205; Huerta del Rey &# 128309;&# 128308; # ForçaBarça #HandbolLive

– Barça Handbol (@FCBhandbol) December 14, 2019


32-25 Luka Cindric outlines to the right and releases his arm with a parallel throw.


31-25 Sorhaindo defines by throwing himself to the ground. We entered the last quarter of an hour of the game. Barça, with a foot and a half in the final. 


Slavic is bolting Ademar’s bow. Juanjo Fernández establishes the 30-25.


30-24 There is the game with a lot of rhythm, despite the bulky scoreboard in favor of the Catalans. Ademar does not give up. He wants more Barcelona. What can you ask for. High level handball. 

⚔️ Barça 30-24 Ademar León⌚️ Min 45&# 127942; Semifinal # 30CopaAsobal&# 128205; Huerta del Rey &# 128309;&# 128308; # ForçaBarça #HandbolLive

– Barça Handbol (@FCBhandbol) December 14, 2019

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The stewards of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) at the Austrian Grand Prix have dismissed Red Bull’s protest about the alleged illegality of Mercedes’ Dual Axle Steering System (DAS) and have stated that it is completely legal, thus that the reigning Formula 1 constructors’ champion will be able to continue using it in the Austrian Grand Prix.

07/04/2020 at 11:19 am CEST


MotoGP – Austrian GP

After a hearing of delegates attended by members of both teams, as well as the member of the FIA ​​Technical Department, Nikolas Tombazis, it was determined that the DAS "is part of the steering system of the Mercedes W11", so the team does not violate any regulations related to the suspension.

"The DAS would be illegal if it were not part of the steering system. Therefore, the main debate must be whether it can be considered part of the leadership system, and the stewards decide that it is. Therefore, the stewards consider the DAS to be a legitimate part of the steering system and therefore complies with the relevant regulations regarding suspension or aerodynamic influence.", says the statement.

FIA representatives rejected Red Bull’s protest over "lack of arguments" after considering that the DAS was part of the steering system, even though they recognized that "it was not conventional", and that it could not be considered as part of the suspension of the car.

The decision means that Mercedes will be able to continue using the DAS in its cars until the end of the Austrian GP and in the other 2020 races. Next year the system will be banned.

Mercedes scores the first victory of the weekend, in which it aspires to maintain the dominance that it already exhibited in the first two free practice sessions and to continue with its superiority on the track as last year.

This Friday, Red Bull filed a formal protest against Mercedes for the alleged illegality of the DAS, claiming that it violated technical regulations, specifically article 3.8, which refers to aerodynamic influence, and article 10.2.3, which establishes that "no adjustments can be made to any suspension system while the car is in motion".

Red Bull claims for Mercedes DAS

The pilots, on their knees and Mercedes, in black

Mercedes first used this system, which will be banned from 2021, in the preseason tests in February. Now the ‘silver arrows will be able to continue to use the system, which is believed to allow the tires to heat up more evenly on the straights, reducing wear and aiding grip, while allowing maximum stability on entry. of the curves.

Spanish Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz (McLaren) acknowledged that he was a "relief" see this Saturday that they are able to "to struggle", after a tight qualifying session for the Austrian Grand Prix, where he will start eighth.

07/04/2020 at 17:19 CEST

"In general it is a very good day for the whole team, seeing that we have options to get into the fight with the teams that last year beat us easily", he said in statements to Movistar Plus, at the start of the World Cup.

The return to action, after the stoppage due to the coronavirus, began to clear doubts with good feelings for Sainz. "Personally, I have had problems with the balance in the fast corners. Although I am still eighth and a lap with used game, it has been a good day, because it means that tomorrow we can attack", he claimed.

The first pole of the year, for Bottas; Sainz, eighth

Renault acknowledges negotiations with Alonso

"It has been a weekend that we have seen some very strong cars like Racing Point, Toro Rosso or Renault, but the moment has come today and we have gotten into the fight. It has been a relief to see that we can fight. It will not be an easy race but it seems that we have rhythm, we have to see if the pace of qualifying can be replicated in the race", finished.

The head of Ferrari, Mattia Binotto, has assured that they have already started talks to renew the German driver Sebastian Vettel, although he believes that the start of the World Cup, when the coronavirus crisis passes, will be key for the future of this agreement.

March 19, 2020 at 3:01 pm CET


Sebastian Vettel

"Vettel is in great shape. I think he’s focused. He knows he needs to get it right. It is a key moment in his career, because whatever he does at the beginning of the season will be important to his renewal. Is in your hands", Binotto warns in statements to ‘’.

"It is important that we address the subject of the contract early. It is not something to leave for the end of the season. It is important for him and for us to have clarity as soon as possible. Hopefully it will be done soon", predicts. "I think Seb is very motivated. Last year was important to him. Leclerc’s performance took him by surprise. This is no longer the case, he knows where the benchmark is and he knows what to do, so I think he has prepared very well. Last year you tried to understand what went wrong and making sure you do better now", adds the sports manager of the Scuderia.

On the other hand, on the coronavirus pandemic and what is affecting F1, Binotto is clear:  "The health of our employees is important. It is our top priority. We managed to go to Melbourne, even though it was not easy for us to be there. More than that is what is happening in Italy, what worries us. We express our solidarity to all of our people here. We hope to be able to race again as soon as possible, once the conditions are right. For our part, we are ready to support F1 and the FIA ​​in this delicate phase.", he assured about it.

As for the pre-season tests that did take place, at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, it was my opinion that they went well, although once again Mercedes was clearly ahead. "They did a great job at Mercedes, we must admit it. For our part, our project was going in a different direction compared to the past. Normally when you do that you may initially lose some ground, but hopefully that will give you more potential development for the future.", concludes Binotto.

Ferrari announced this Wednesday a restructuring of the technical department of its Formula One team after its poor start to the 2020 season. Those from Maranello occupy fifth place in the Constructors’ World Championship standings after three races. German Sebastian Vettel and Monegasque Charles Leclerc finished sixth and eleventh, respectively, in the last race of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

07/22/2020 at 7:25 PM CEST


Thus, the ‘Scuderia’ has announced a restructuring of its technical team and the creation of a new ‘performance development department’. According to Ferrari, this restructuring is aimed at "make it more effective and ensure a greater emphasis on performance development" through "the institution of a more focused and streamlined chain of command that provides the heads of each department with the powers necessary to achieve their objectives".

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