The impeller is unlikely to be sold anywhere in Europe

The impeller is unlikely to be sold anywhere in Europe

The police search had been going on since Saturday evening. Officials from Thuringia had asked their Lower Saxony colleagues for help because the 19-year-old was missing. She had been cared for in a psychiatric facility and fled from there. A cell phone location led the investigators to Lower Saxony.

(Graphic: Stepmap) Leave farewell letters

According to the police, all three girls have left farewell letters. Two were found near the tent, one in the 19-year-old’s home. The young women’s computers and cell phones were confiscated. From the evaluation of the devices, the investigators hope to find out how the women got to know each other and planned the suicide. The bodies are to be autopsied on Wednesday.

How and how long the women knew each other has yet to be found out. The investigators have also been puzzled about the location of their suicide. The 19-year-old from Jena was in training, the 16-year-old from the Emsland had finished school. At first nothing was known about the youth from Bavaria.

For the parents of the dead, the step of the three girls was apparently not entirely unexpected. When asked whether the parents were surprised by the news of the death, the police spokeswoman said no. The names of the other girls were not known to the parents.

According to one expert, collective suicide is not a new phenomenon in the Internet age. "It has always been there"said the professor of forensic psychology, Dietmar Heubrock. It has become easier to network via the Internet.

"Dramatic and unusual for girls"

Gerd Storchmann from the Berlin Association "Neuhland", who cares for adolescents with suicidal thoughts, emphasized: "This case is dramatic and very unusual for girls." Suicide dates are very dangerous for teenagers. The youth felt a kind of loyal obligation to carry out their plan. In 2009, 587 young people under the age of 26 committed suicide – including 456 boys and 131 girls. The numbers are relatively constant compared to previous years. In 2009, a total of 9616 suicides were registered in Germany at the Federal Statistical Office. There are no more recent figures yet.

In Austria, children will have to wear ski helmets in the future. (Image: Imago) In Austria, from this winter season, children are only allowed on the ski slopes with helmets. All federal states have agreed on a corresponding regulation, which is now to be implemented as law, reported the Austrian news agency APA. Accordingly, helmets should be mandatory for children up to the age of 15 in all ski areas. The legal guardians are responsible for compliance. Whether and what penalties there should be in the event of a violation has not yet been announced.Winter fun Winter magic in the amusement parkWinter fun downhill safely – children on the sledgeForum Discuss with us

Debate about uniform ski helmets after an accident at Althaus

After the tragic skiing accident of the Thuringian Prime Minister Dieter Althaus (CDU), debates broke out in Germany and Austria about a uniform ski helmet requirement. A woman died in the accident on New Year’s Day. Althaus, who was traveling with a helmet, survived with a severe traumatic brain injury.

Italy also has helmets compulsory

Lower Austria is the only Austrian federal state that has already introduced compulsory helmets for children. The helmet requirement is to be tested by 2012, until then a violation will not be punished. In Italy too, children up to the age of 14 are only allowed to go on the slopes with head protection. Compliance there is monitored by police officers and sanctioned with fines.

Aldi ski helmet convinced in the ADAC test

The children’s ski helmet from the Crane Sports brand currently offered by Aldi-Süd as a promotional item was able to convince in the ADAC short check. The test experts of the automobile club checked the helmet for handling, comfort and safety. The result: the helmet is definitely comparable to the products of major brand manufacturers. Especially in terms of durability, stability and head protection, the cheap helmet scored for 19.99 euros. The ADAC testers only made slight cuts in the “Comfort” category. ADAC test child car seats in the test 2009ADAC test Danger in side crash newsletters Always up-to-date with the parents’ newsletter

Safe, warm and chic in the snow: the best ski helmets for children Children’s helmets tested: The best bicycle helmets for children

Toys are expensive and anyone who has to count on every euro is therefore happy to get a bargain, provided the quality is right. As of this week, the discounter Penny has been offering a balance bike for children for just under 40 euros, which has several seals of approval and is therefore a "free from pollutants" is shown.birthright citizenship argumentative essay Now the Stiftung Warentest has examined the product and comes to a devastating result. The impeller is unlikely to be sold anywhere in Europe.

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Thirty times the permitted limit – Poor

The Stiftung Warentest in Berlin warns of pollutants in a wheel that the Penny discount store has been offering since this week. The testing organization announced on its website that the wooden balance bike was being advertised as a toy for children aged three and over. The testers found the dangerous phthalate plasticizer DEHP in an extremely high concentration of three percent in the plastic handles of the vehicle. In the EU, plasticizers of this group are actually completely banned for toys. Only concentrations of less than 0.1 percent are allowed. The Penny wheel exceeds this limit by about thirty times. "This chemical, like other phthalate plasticizers, affects fertility", warns Stiftung Warentest and concludes: "The penny wooden impeller is defective. It shouldn’t have been sold in the first place."

Misleading seals of approval

Several test seals are printed on the packaging of the Penny impeller. You weigh the seller in deceptive security. Mainly because one of the toys has even been tested for harmful substances. Other pollutants were also well above the permitted maximum values. For example, products with the GS mark should only contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in very low concentrations. Although the Penny wheel bears the GS mark, the testers detected a PAH concentration in the plastic handles that "extremely above the legal value" lay. According to Stiftung Warentest, many PAH individual substances are considered carcinogenic, teratogenic or mutagenic.

Wooden or metal bike ?: The best balance bikes for kids

Testers recommend returning the bike

The foundation announced that the results of the tests regarding safety, handling and durability are still pending. However, the results of the pollutant analysis were so alarming that it was decided to publish them earlier. The inspectors advise all buyers of the impeller to return the product to the dealer for a refund of the purchase price.

Unfortunately, safe and chic do not always go together: Stiftung Warentest has tested bicycle helmets and criticized the lack of ventilation and insufficient accident protection in some models. We name test winners and losers and give tips on how to correctly fit a bicycle helmet.

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Accident protection, comfort and ventilation tested

Most adults buy a bicycle helmet when they are doing sports or are out with children. Whether child or dad and mom – everyone needs a helmet that offers safe protection in the event of a fall and sits comfortably, does not pinch, does not scratch and does not build up heat.

The Stiftung Warentest has tested conventional models and modern city helmets. The testers rated accident prevention, resilience of the belt and lock, recognizability in the dark, handling and comfort, ventilation, pollutants and equipment. Of 16 bicycle helmets for adults and 18 helmets for children, every second was a helmet "Well". For five helmets, however, the consumer advocates gave bad marks because they only had the head in an accident "sufficient" or "inadequate" protected. The foundation also devalued every second adult helmet due to poor ventilation.

Good bicycle helmets for children from 20 euros

We concentrated on the children’s helmets: After all, eleven of the total of 18 tested were included "Well" rated. The two test winners with an average grade of 1.7 are the models "Limar 515" and "Prophet TX-07". "Limar" is priced at 40 euros in the middle class – it offers security, straps and lock are stable. "Prophet" is the cheapest of the good helmets at 20 euros. According to the test result, the fasteners are a bit difficult to use, but thanks to the LED light, the helmet is clearly visible.

Poor shock absorption and material defects in test losers

The two test losers are in the same price range: "Profex Vega Princess FZ-008" costs 15 euros, "Cratoni C-Kid", which performed a little worse, costs 40 euros. With the helmet from "Profex" the shock absorption is inadequate and the lock occasionally hooks, criticized the Stiftung Warentest. The "Cratoni"-Children’s helmet would have done well if the lock hadn’t broken in the test – that was only enough for the grade "Inadequate".

Heat build-up threatens with trendy helmets

Security alone doesn’t sell well. Security has to be smart. However, they don’t always go together. Bicycle helmets in the skater or snowboarder look, smoothly closed and with decorative elements sell well, but have one serious disadvantage: the closed city helmets lack ventilation for brisk cycling. But only models with large ventilation openings protect ambitious cyclists from the build-up of heat. For every second adult helmet and four children’s helmets, points were deducted due to the lack of ventilation.

Safety only with a good fit

Only a bicycle helmet that fits and fits well can offer optimal protection. Parents have to make the first adjustment together with the children and readjust it occasionally. The ribbons and straps shouldn’t move on their own.

Children’s helmets put to the test: the best bicycle helmets for children

Stiftung Warentest has the complete test result in the May 2012 issue of its magazine "test" released.

A cheeky ghost has prevailed against the little dragon knight and a quirky witch: the electronic board game "Grab Hubi!" has been named children’s game of the year 2012. This is one of the most important awards in the German-speaking children’s play area. Were also nominated "The little dragon knights" and "Spider poison and toad slime". The jury praised it "Grab Hubi" as a cooperative game with a magical atmosphere.

On the hunt for the thieving ghost

Steffen Bogen invented the winning game in which rabbits and mice set out in search of the cheeky Hubi ghost who stole their delicacies. On the way through the haunted house, they are helped by a magical compass that gives the other animals in the house a voice. The built-in electronics in the compass and three different levels of difficulty mean that every lap is different.

Nobody could escape the magical atmosphere of the electronic board game, said the jury from the Spiel des Jahres association. "Grab Hubi!" is a cooperative game that depends on good listening and communication.

Electronic compass is at the heart of the game

His eldest son gave him the idea for the electronic compass, said the 44-year-old game author at the award ceremony in Hamburg. He wanted to show the eleven-year-old what you could do with computers and in the process rediscovered his joy in programming. Bogen lives in Konstanz on Lake Constance and teaches art studies there as a private lecturer. At the age of nine he invented his first game, a mixture of chess and car racing. "Grab Hubi!" is suitable for two to four players, ages five and up, and takes about 20 minutes. The bed game costs 40 euros.

Nominated games convinced with traditional themes

With "Grab Hubi!", "The little dragon knights" (Publishing house Huch! & friends) and "Spider poison and toad slime" (Verlag Kosmos) the independent jury nominated three games for children between four and eight years of age in May. The decision in favor of Steffen Bogen’s idea was made in a secret election shortly before it was announced on June 11th.

Jury coordinator Sabine Koppelberg said that the three nominees convinced with traditional topics related to the good old castle ghost, the quirky witch or the fearless dragon knight. In addition, they met the jury’s criteria with an innovative, original game idea, understandable rules and a stable, child-friendly design of the material.

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Over 150 current children’s games rated

Since 1979, the Spiel des Jahres association has been awarding special quality parlor games in the German-speaking region with the critics’ award, and since 2001 also the children’s game of the year. Last year was the board game "The worm is in there" voted best children’s game. In the past twelve months, the club had examined more than 150 new games. 2012 was a balanced year of games, said Koppelberg. Whether a memo game, skill or reaction game, cooperative or playable against each other – the range of good games is large for every age group.

The magnetic game "The enchanted tower" has the critics award "Children’s game of the year 2013" receive. Teamwork and a good memory are required for this well-equipped game, the jury in Hamburg praised the winner.

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