The real police would never call this number, however.

The real police would never call this number, however.

Both habitats have their advantages.

It is the dream of many: The subway that goes to the nearest supermarket, theater and hip bar stops just a few meters in front of the house. Behind the house – right next to the garden with free-range chickens – the large, mysterious forest begins. The perfect mix of city and country life remains just a dream for most people. You have to choose.

Moving from the city to the country

Edyta Stateczny-Kade did that. A year ago she packed her bags in Bielefeld, gave up her yoga studio and moved to Gyhum, a municipality in Lower Saxony with around 2,400 inhabitants. For a long time she was reluctant to leave the city and even jeopardized her marriage for it. Her husband moved to Gyhum four years ago for a good job offer. "I thought we could have a long distance relationship, but that didn’t go well" says Stateczny-Kade.

And so the 40-year-old and the eight-year-old son move to the country after their father. What they leave behind is a good infrastructure, a wide range of cultural activities and the opportunity to meet up with friends in bars around the clock.

Advantages of country life

But it also gains: "There is less distraction here. Sometimes I just look out the window and relax." She grows herbs in her own garden, and vegetables are to be added in spring. Her son Aaron also lets himself into the new life. Unlike in the city before, he now takes the school bus to school alone and can spontaneously go outside and play with the neighboring children.

The mother thinks that her son has become much more mature. In the beginning, the lack of impulses with Aaron still led to boredom, until he began to get creative: "Here he goes out and all he finds are branches lying around, for example. Then he has to think about what to do with it. This is how new things are created."

Stateczny-Kade enjoys country life, but also knows the challenges. At the latest when the son is young, she says, he wants to go to the cinema, bars and clubs. All of this is only available in Bremen, 50 kilometers away. She also sometimes wonders about the attitudes of the villagers: "Some people prefer to go to the discounter to buy eggs, even though the farmers sell them right on the street."

Is city life unhealthy?

Rural and urban life – both struggle with prejudice. The city is said to be stressful and unhealthy in the long run. But according to Mazda Adli, stress researcher at the Berlin Charité, it cannot be said in general terms. "Above all, it is persistent social stress that makes people sick" says Adli. That said, the full subway and the flashing billboard on the house wall are not the problem.

It is more dangerous, for example, when people live in confined spaces where they are constantly exposed to the noise of their neighbors without being able to evade it. Loneliness is also a kind of social stress, explains the psychiatrist. So it is social density and social isolation that make you sick. Two factors that, according to Adli, are more common in the city, but rural life can also be tough.

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"People in rural areas support each other more within their village community" says Adli. "But newcomers have to be accepted into this village community first. It’s not always that easy." Rural stress can also arise when people commute to work on a daily basis. He therefore advises against the idea of ​​living in the country and working in the city.

Sources used: dpa news agency

A bath seat for seniors is a worthwhile investment if you notice that bathing and showering in the tub is becoming increasingly difficult. With such a seat you increase your comfort when washing considerably. It also reduces the risk of accidentally slipping and falling.

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The bath seat for seniors and its advantages

In addition, the seat simply gives you a feeling of security when washing that you cannot afford with any money in the world. Thanks to such a bathtub seat for seniors, you will in future be able to comfortably get into the bathtub and take a seat there. (Integrated living – the alternative for seniors)

Washing and showering is then no longer a problem, but in contrast to this you will even be able to enjoy it again as before. This increases the quality of life considerably, and from then on you will certainly not want to do without the bathtub seat for seniors. (Dance courses for seniors – do sports and get to know people)

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More bathing fun for sure

A sturdy construction that is securely attached to the tub ensures a good portion of more bathing fun. So you don’t have to worry that the seat could slip in between. As a rule, the seat shell is made of a stable plastic. There are even versions with an integrated backrest to buy. Swiveling bath seats are particularly great, but you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. (Stay active in old age – How to get started)

You can buy or order the products in any well-stocked specialist shop or directly over the Internet. Take heart now and increase your comfort and safety when washing. (Alternatives to retirement homes: what are the options?)

A senior citizen shared apartment in old age? And whether. Alone in old age is often a problem that even the family cannot always solve. Nowadays children often live scattered in different places and those who do not get around often due to health problems can quickly become lonely. This type of living brings people with a similar profile together and provides more variety in everyday life: the advantage is obvious.

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Advantage of a senior flat share

The senior citizen shared flat is increasingly being used by older people. Ideally, you can get together with friends of the same age, move into an already existing apartment or go straight to the house search. It is important that the apartment is designed to meet everyone’s needs. Many health problems arise in old age, for which solutions must be found in everyday life. A professional craftsman can help you with this. One advantage here is that everyone bears the renovation costs together.

Everyday life in the senior citizens’ flat: harmony or chaos

In order to get along as well as possible, house rules are almost indispensable. You should list in detail who takes on which tasks in the household and who keeps the apartment clean and when. It is practical to distribute these tasks according to personal preferences. Or you can split the house rules evenly. Retreats are also important for this type of living. Especially in old age, you have to be given the opportunity for a bit of rest. However, as a resident of a senior citizens’ flat share, you should not completely withdraw. A willingness to compromise and the ability to communicate are required for a harmonious everyday life. If you are less of a sociable type, it will be difficult for you personally to live in this type of living.

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Disguised as fake policemen, craftsmen or even priests, you specifically target the elderly: fraudsters. How to recognize the criminals.

How exactly does the trick work? Dubious doorstep sellingWhy the victims are often older onesHow you can protect yourself

The question "Hello, would you give us your money, please?" probably nobody would "Yes" answer – especially not from complete strangers who suddenly appear on the doorstep. But what if these strangers are or look like cops and call them beforehand? 

That may sound like a stretch. But criminals are always successful with exactly this method. The victims are often the elderly. And some of the perpetrators steal considerable sums of money.

How exactly does the trick work?

"The false police officer is an extension and refined form of the grandchildren’s trick" explains Karl-Heinz Langner from the Weißer Ring association. It starts with a call or the doorbell at the front door: The police are here, there is evidence of a planned break-in, money and valuables are no longer safe at home. And the bank employees are corrupt, by the way, so empty your account and give us the money. We’ll send someone to pick you up, don’t worry.

To make the smear show more convincing, the perpetrators use tricks – for example with the emergency number 110 on the telephone display. "Unfortunately, this is technically relatively easy to do today" says Lagner. The real police would never call this number, however.

Dubious door-to-door sales

In addition to this fake police officer, there are other similar tricks. For example the well-known grandchildren trick, as the police crime prevention of the federal states and the federal government explains: The perpetrators pretend to be relatives of the victim – grandchildren, or maybe their friends. One is in an emergency, whether grandma or grandpa can’t transfer money quickly?

And of course there are countless dubious door-to-door sales, from magazine subscriptions to supposedly cheap telephone or electricity tariffs to fake tradesmen.

And does something like that work? "First of all, you have to say: the meshes do not work in most cases, even with older people" explains Thomas Görgen. He is professor of criminology at the German Police University in Münster and knows, for example, a study from North Rhine-Westphalia: of around 2,000 grandchildren’s tricks that the police learned about, a little more than 100 were successful.

Why the victims are often elderly

There are several reasons why the victims are mostly elderly. For example, the perpetrators await there "favorable opportunities for action" as Görgen calls it. "People who have assets, who live best alone, who may not be able to defend themselves as well as younger people, and may also be easier to deceive." Crime prevention also mentions other factors – loneliness, absent-mindedness or even dementia, visual or hearing impairment. This then ensures, for example, that voices on the phone are mistaken for the voice of a relative more quickly.

The age of the victims is also a reason why Karl-Heinz Langner fears a particularly high number of unreported cases at Enkeltrick and Co. Because, according to him, older people often do not talk about it when they have fallen for such scams. "Out of shame, but also out of fear of family consequences." The fear is that victims will be denied the right to an independent life.

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